An autonomous robot patrols an apartment complex south of Seoul. HL Mando plans to test the commercial viability of the patrol robot this year before commercialization. Photo courtesy of HL MandoMay 9 (UPI) — South Korea’s autonomous driving solutions company HL Mando said Tuesday its AI robot is set to begin patrolling the grounds of a large apartment complex.The company said it has signed a memorandum of understanding with real estate manager AJ Daewon to operate the robot in an exurb of Seoul.Equipped with cameras and laser-based sensors, the robot will patrol predetermined routes to check for potential issues such as children/car safety, fire risks and parking violations, HL Mando said.If the test run is successful, the firm plans to roll out the robots nationwide next year.”All this year, we will do daytime test runs of the patrol robot, but once fully commercialized, it could be patrolling around the clock,” an HL Mando spokesman told UPI News Korea.”The robot is programmed to alert the control center when it senses any potential problems so that proper measures can be taken,” he said.HL Mando has been working on autonomous patrol robots for the past several years, testing various prototypes at locations like parks and factories.”Working with AJ Daewon, we will be able to bring unmanned patrol robots, ones with practical use, to people. We will continue to develop unique AI products using our technological advantage,” HL Mando Executive Vice President Choi Sung-ho said in a statement.The share price of HL Mando was up 1.33% Tuesday on the South Korean stock exchange.