JORDAN Foster is a clinical psychologist who has emerged from her own business to become the head of a new global division for high-growth Western Australian technology company Family Zone.Consultancy ySafe is a trusted provider in delivering cyber safety education to students, parents and staff, including the provision of expert consultation in managing cyber safety in schools and organisations.It is certified under the Office of the eSafety Commissioner to provide cyber safety education in Australia.It was originally founded by psychologists in 2013 in response to growing concerns among parents and school communities regarding children’s online activities, and the increasing prominence of technology-related developmental and behavioural issues.It grew quickly to become one of the leading providers of cyber safety education in Australia.As ySafe evolved, the need was identified for a multi-disciplinary approach to cyber safety education and management, prompting an expansion to include law enforcement experts and educators who specialise in cyber safety and social media.Leading this group, with its unique experience in child development, research, policing and classroom contexts has given Ms Foster a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities that participating in a digital environment presents in child wellbeing and online safety.Following the acquisition of her cyber safety consultancy ySafe in 2020 by Family Zone, Ms Foster became an intrapreneur, playing a role of innovator within a much larger entity.Amid pandemic-driven uncertainty, Ms Foster sought to develop a growth strategy for her business, which had become part of a global software-as-a-service group catering to parents and others concerned about children’s access to the internet.Pivoting the business to disseminate its services via a product, the consultancy evolved into a global education and wellbeing department, with a focus on new product development that could scale the new offering to reach schools as a subscription service.The product was a portal for parents to purchase quick tutorials on online safety in the home, and a student-focused occupational health and safety-style course that reinforced the school’s policies at home.Now educating more than 600,000 students every year, ySafe is at the forefront of change in the global online safety agenda.As part of Family Zone, and adapted to a software service, its reach is considerable.As a result, Ms Foster is a thought leader in the field of child wellbeing and online safety, during a time of monumental change in consumer policy to regulate big tech and support the online safety agenda. Ms Foster is deputy chairperson for the Australian Gaming & Screens Alliance and a member of Presbyterian Ladies College’s board.