(Gallery 11780730002)Sipping a tropical beverage from a tiki mug beside a row of palms with the sun shining overhead, I could almost be in Hawaii − if I closed my eyes.In reality, the plants were indoors, The sun was streaming through a skylight and I was in Georgia, not Hawaii. But still, I felt a world away at Truett’s Luau restaurant, which fans sometimes call the “Hawaiian Chick-fil-A.”Known for “Hawaiian favorites with a Southern spin,” this one-of-a-kind restaurant south of Atlanta has become a bucket list destination for many Chick-fil-A fans.Is it worth visiting? I had to see for myself.Taste test We tried Chick-fil-A’s Cauliflower Sandwich. Here’s how it tastes and why it’s not ‘vegetarian.’What is Truett’s Luau like?According to Chick-fil-A’s website, “Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy once visited Hawaii and loved the experience so much he wanted to ‘bring Hawaii to Fayetteville, Georgia.'”With staff in Aloha shirts, surfboards on the wall, tiki huts in the dining room and ukuleles on hand for guests to strum, that ambiance made the trip for me. Just don’t go expecting authentic Hawaii. It’s more like the Chick-fil-A version of the islands.’This isn’t about money’ The only all-Hawaiian entertainment luau in Hawaii tells a dark storyWhat is different about the “Hawaiian Chick-fil-A”?Truett’s Luau is not actually a Chick-fil-A, but it shares the same founder, S. Truett Cathy, and serves staples like Chick-fil-A chicken sandwiches and waffle fries. It also offers island-inspired fast food like tropical chicken nuggets and Mahi tacos, via table service, counter service and drive-thru.Guests who choose table service get a more extensive menu with dishes like loco moco − white rice topped with a hamburger patty, fried egg and gravy − and Hawaiian bread pudding. They can also fully immerse themselves in the tropical vibe, which is what I did, choosing the dining room.Who owns Truett’s Luau?Truett’s Luau is part of S. Truett Cathy Brand Restaurants, like the Dwarf House and diner-like Truett’s Grill. “S. Truett Cathy Brand restaurants offer a unique Chick-fil-A experience,” explains Chick-fil-A’s website. “Each of these restaurants offer sit down, counter, drive-thru, catering and self-service and include the classic Chick-fil-A menu, as well as specialty menu options that can’t be found anywhere else.”All of the restaurants under this umbrella are located in Georgia,, where Chick-fil-A was founded. Unlike some of the other brands, there is only one Truett’s Luau.’Here to stay’ Chick-fil-A reverses course on controversial decision to pull Side SaladHow is the food?I hate chicken breast, so I was delighted to see many options with seafood, pork and even beef on the menu. The sides, which include pineapple fried rice and roasted red potatoes, intrigued me too.I chose the shareable Kalua pork nachos for $11.69; fried cod tacos with a side of stir-fried vegetables for $12.25; and a frosted pineapple drink for $5.15.I devoured the refreshing frosted pineapple, which reminded me of a Dole Whip. The tacos, while nice and crispy, were a little fishy for me. The hearty veggies – which included broccoli and edamame – were tasty but greasy. I didn’t care for the nachos at all, but a dear friend whose taste I trust loved the leftovers I brought back.Taste is subjective, but I felt the $38 I spent, including tax and tip, would have gone further elsewhere.Perhaps it was an off day or I ordered the wrong things. Maybe I should have picked the banana macadamia nut pancakes the server recommended. I did enjoy the overall experience and would definitely go back and try something different.Does Truett’s Luau have sweet potato fries?Yes. Sweet potato waffle fries are available in the dining room, at the counter and via drive-thru.Chick-fil-A actually tested sweet potato fries as a concept for the main fast food chain in 2011. According to Shona Jonson, senior manager of Culinary, Product Strategy and Development at Chick-fil-A, “Customers indicated they liked the overall taste, were likely to purchase it in the future and felt the quality was consistent with Chick-fil-A. However, over time we saw customers did not feel the fry was worth the additional cost, and they slowly began not ordering it.”So it wasn’t rolled out nationwide. I wish I’d tried them at Truett’s Luau, but there was only so much I could eat in one meal.Cheap eats in Hawaii 8 of the best local dining spots in WaikikiDoes Hawaii have Hawaiian Chick-fil-A?While Truett’s Luau isn’t a Chick-fil-A, there are Chick-fil-A’s on the actual islands. There are two locations, one in Honolulu on Oahu and the other in Kahului on Maui.But there is only one Truett’s Luau and that’s in Fayetteville, Georgia.Golden retriever delivers Chick-fil-A to her ownerEven our four-legged friends can’t say no to chicken.USA TODAY, Storyful

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